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Brushed Finish Concrete

Brushed finish concrete is the most affordable, popular and oldest style of finish. It's durable and little rough providing a high traction finish. Can be used in combination with the other finishes to create a timeless and modern design.

Stamped concrete provides a high end finish and decorative design for patios, driveways, walkways and inside areas like commercial floors. These patterns can be mixed and by adding colour it will create a value added component to any property for a life time.

Exposed concrete creates a visual curb appeal, functional low maintenance and non-slip finish. This can be placed virtually anywhere and results in a unique and beautiful look that compares to none other type of finish. 

Brushed Finish
Stamped Concrete
Exposed Concrete
Variety of colours available -
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Wether its Brushed, Stamped or Exposed, MS Concrete will help you chose the most suitable type of concrete design based on your needs. Call for a free quote: 519.897.7404

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