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Prep Work
We will do all the leveling, grading and compacting for pouring!
Concrete preparation work is very important, this ensures that the poured concrete will not sink and crack. We will make sure that your base is compacted and that the required gravel base is added for every project.
We will break up and remove any old existing driveway!
We have various tools to do this job quickly and as quietly and cleanly as possible. We can reach in tight places and our Bobcat can do some major lifting, we use our dump trailers to take the old concrete for disposal.
Pouring Concrete
We will pour and fill all the forms, ensuring all technical details are met!
It is very important to get all the slopes for proper drainage so water does not accumulate and pool in unwanted locations. We will ensure that your choice of brushed, stamped or exposed finish is done to perfection.
Concrete Sealing
Concrete demonlition
Placing forms for concrete
Forming for concrete pouring
Concrete demolition
We measure and place the forming with precision!
Pouring concrete stairs
Pouring concrete driveway
Once the job is complete we offer sealants that will protect and beautify your finish for many years to come. For the stamped concrete and exposed concrete, we always apply a layer of sealant after the job is complete to bring out the beauty and elegance of your chosen design. 

Wether its Brushed, Stamped or Exposed, MS Concrete will help you chose the most suitable type of concrete design based on your needs. Call for a free quote: 519.897.7404

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